Upskilling Training

Information Security Awareness for End-users

Information Security Awareness refers to the level of understanding and consciousness among individuals within an organization or the public regarding the importance of information security and the best practices for safeguarding sensitive data and digital assets. The goal of Information Security Awareness initiatives is to educate and empower individuals to recognize potential cyber threats, protect against security breaches, and adopt secure behaviours in their digital interactions. These initiatives cover a wide range of topics, including password management, phishing awareness, safe browsing practices, data protection, social engineering, and incident reporting.

The "Information Security Awareness for end-users" training is a specialized program designed to educate employees and individuals within an organization about the fundamental principles of information security and best practices for safeguarding sensitive data and resources. The training aims to raise awareness among end-users, who often form the first line of defence against potential cyber threats and security breaches. It highlights the critical role that employees play in maintaining a secure environment and emphasizes the importance of individual responsibility in protecting confidential information.


Duration 3 hours

Participants will able to learn

Attendees will become familiar with the basics of information security and will enhance their awareness about the importance of corporate information security as well. They will learn their duties and responsibilities as a contributor to a corporate information security management system (ISMS).

Who Should Attend?

Everybody who works with information systems

Course Syllabus

Role of user in information security

Contribution of user to corporate Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Access to computers

Password security

E-mail security

Security while accessing the Internet

Virus protection

Setup, use and disposal of storage media

File access and sharing

Information backup

Social engineering

User responsibilities in computer incidents


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