APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Detection
APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Detection

APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Detection

  • “Advanced” signifies deep techniques to exploit vulnerabilities in systems.
  • “Persistent” identifies monitoring systems continuously –probably with an external command and control system-.
  • “Threat” indicates the intention of the attacker in orchestrating the attack.
  • Our APT detection service is to detect the stealthiest attacks by
    • monitoring networks continuously to identify APT breaches,
    • collecting, normalizing and correlating data from network and servers,
    • examining the analytics to identify the patterns, behaviours and characterising the attack,
    • creating alerts to take action immediately.

Other service we deliver is APT simulation testing to quantify your systems’ reaction to attacks.  Our test methodology is based on an orchestrated assessment emulating adversarial tools, tactics, techniques and procedures of more than thirty-five tracked APT campaigns.

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