Penetration Tests
Penetration Tests

Penetration Tests

Pentesting is an ethical hacking activity that is a cybersecurity assessment designed to detect and use security vulnerabilities that affect servers, networks, systems, and applications so that any identified weaknesses can be addressed to reduce the risk of exposure to a malicious attack. Our experts specialize in manual penetration testing services for web applications, mobile applications (iOS/Android), desktop applications, APIs, WiFi and internal/external networks. We have more than 100 corporate references including finance, automotive, telecommunication, health, defence companies.

This is where pentests come in handy.

  • Pentest is the way to see your IT systems’ weaknesses before bad guys exploit them.
  • Pentest can determine how a system reacts to an attack, whether or not a system’s defences can be breached.
  • Pentest is the simulation of an attack on a system, or a piece of equipment, with the objective of proving how vulnerable that system or “target”would be to a real attack.

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