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Because our entire life is on computers including critical infrastructures, cyber security is as important as the life itself. The weakest link of the cyber security is, of course, human. Most of the the time, hacking the computer users is enough to bypass all the measures. This is why cyber security awareness and training computer users against the cyber attacks are very crucial.

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According to 2016 Phishing Susceptibility and Resiliency Report, 91% of cyberattacks resulting in a data breach begin with a spear phishing email (Spear phishing is the phishing attempts directed at specific individuals or companies). Social engineering and phishing attacks are become more and more persuasive and more professional every day. Despite the existing cyber security awareness programs and trainings, success rate of these types of attacks is increasing day by day.

Our information security awareness program focuses on especially the most common mistakes and traditions on the triad of cyber security: confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA).

Information security awareness is not a single training, it’s a life-time process.

91% of cyberattacks resulting in a data breach begin with a spear phishing email.

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Metropolitan Police, HSBC, University of Cambridge, Citibank, New York University and more

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