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Project Description

Penetration Tests

You have taken all the preventions you know for your IT systems. Are you in safe? How can you be sure that you are protected against the hackers? Do you have to wait for an attack to see if you are in safe against the hackers?

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This is where pentests come in handy.

  • Pentest is the way to see your IT systems’ weaknesses before bad guys exploit them.
  • Pentest can determine how a system reacts to an attack, whether or not a system’s defences can be breached.
  • Pentest is the simulation of an attack on a system, or a piece of equipment, with the objective of proving how vulnerable that system or “target”would be to a real attack.

Our pentest team

  • have more than 50 corporate references including banks and military forces worldwide.
  • have CEH, OSCP international certificates.
  • are the members of international consortiums such as OWASP and CISecurity.
  • have NATO cleared/experienced experts.
  • Web application pentest
  • Network pentest
  • Database pentest
  • Mobile pentest
  • Wireless pentest
  • Social engineering
  • VoIP pentest

Bad guys will attack your systems, sooner or later…

Courses and Services


Metropolitan Police, HSBC, University of Cambridge, Citibank, New York University and more

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