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With many years of experience, we have realized that most of the software developers do not care about the security implications of the software they create. Gartner report shows that %80 of successful attacks target the application layer. Which means, most of the vulnerabilities which results in serious problems down the road such as data breaches can be prevented by secure software development upfront.

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Using security approaches inside the development lifecycle is so much easier, so much better and takes much less time from detecting and eliminating the vulnerabilities at the end of development.

We offer secure software development lifecycle (S-SDLC) services including guidance, policies, threat assessment, internal training and assessments based on OWASP SAMM (Security Assurance Maturity Model) Framework.

%80 of successful attacks target the application layer. (Gartner)

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Metropolitan Police, HSBC, University of Cambridge, Citibank, New York University and more

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