Active Network Device Security
Active Network Device Security

Active Network Device Security

Who should attend ?

System and network administrators, IT Security Centre Personnel, Auditors, Cyber Security Experts.


Basic knowledge of networks.

Course Syllabus

  • Within the scope of (hardening of) active devices, network design and assuring the security of networks, the following topics will be studied theoretically with hands-on exercises.
  • Steps toward hardening of active devices that are commonly used today in the internal networks and they are also used to connect networks to the outside world, such as
    • Backbone switch,
    • Router,
    • Firewall,
    • Content filter
  • Security controls applicable to active devices, such as
    • Physical security,
    • Equipment security,
    • Identity authentication,
    • Authorization and monitoring,
    • Patch management,
    • Access control lists,
    • Remote management control, etc.



2 Days.


The attendees are expected to learn security controls applicable to active network devices through the theoretical and the applied parts of the course. The attendees are also expected to apply these security controls in their institutions.

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