TCP/IP Network Security
TCP/IP Network Security

TCP/IP Network Security

Who should attend ?

IT Security Centre Personnel, Auditors, Cyber Security Experts, Site or System Managers, Network Administrators.


Basic knowledge of networks.

Course Syllabus

  • Protocols of the TCP/IP protocol stack
  • Operation principles of different layers of the TCP/IP stack and threats targeting these layers
  • Security vulnerabilities of TCP/IP protocols and mitigation techniques
  • Techniques, protocols and devices that are used to assure network security
  • Packet capturing software such as Wireshark, analysis of packets and protocols
  • Concepts such as SSL, IPSec, VPN and digital certificates
  • Network components such as Firewall, IDS/IPS and Proxy


3 Days.


Applied work about the security of TCP/IP networks will bring a wealth of information and capabilities to the attendees. The attendees are expected to apply good security practices in their institutions’ network.

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